Rotator – Issue #16, October 22, 2015

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Our next program is on October 29 with guest speaker Robert DeLaurentis, the “Zen Pilot” who flew solo around the world in a single engine plane.
• On page 2, find information on our Nov 19 auction, our calendar of upcoming programs, Grotarian events, and birthdays.
• See the wonderful faces in our crowd on page 3.
• On page 4, find information on our Nov 12 Membership Reception, Nov 12 Warm Clothes Drive and 2016 Padres season tickets.
• Thanks to Craig Brown for hosting the Oct 20 Grotarian event – see the photos on page 5. Also, read who is in the lead after the first round in our golf tournament!
Thank you to Mike Conner of Phoenix Water Management for sponsoring the news at the meeting.