Jules Taggart

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Marketing-Digital, Additional Active

Jules is the Founder of Wayward Kind, a digital marketing agency with a focus on human connection.

She moved to San Diego from Kansas City ten years ago.  She and her husband, Jeff, have two daughters, 5 year-old Olympia and 3 year-old Helena.

Her team at Wayward Kind refer to her as their Chief Reading Officer (CRO) because she reads 100 to 150 books a year.  She recently read a book “Why We Gather” that inspired her with these main points of what make the best gatherings: 1. they happen weekly, 2. they offer opportunities for deep, authentic communication and connections, 3. they offer opportunities for service.  So it is no surprise that after Jules met President David to learn more our Rotary her immediate response was, “Sign me up!”

David Oates, Frank Caperino and Mia Harenski were  her sponsors