Zackary Albrecht

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Education-State University-Fundraising

Zackary “Zack” Albrecht is the Associate Director of Digital Communications and Fundraising at San Diego State University. He is responsible for the strategic vision and execution of SDSU’s annual giving program.

Zack spent most of his formative years in a small town in California’s central valley before falling madly in love with San Diego and attending SDSU to study journalism and public relations. At SDSU is also where he became a proud Rotaract member and started getting entwined with the San Diego Rotary family by volunteering at incredible events like Camp Enterprise. After graduating, and as with most recent arrivals to America’s finest city, he found every reason to stay here.

However, the role he is most grateful to hold, is that of “uncle.” Zack’s nephew and two nieces are the joy of his life.

During his new member introduction, Zack said: “When I was writing some notes on what I was going to say, I thought about the world’s events, Valentine’s Day coming up and what your presence at today’s meeting means. The word that came up, as corny as it may be, was love.

In the midst of a pandemic that has brought immense pain, Rotary continues to find new and meaningful ways to bring light back into it; and you, its incredible members, continue to attend meetings and build relationships even through these screens. How else can this be done besides through love for one another and our community? 

I promise to bring my heart and soul to service like each of you, and I look forward to getting to work. Thank you.”

Jenni Prisk, Jordan Maharaj, and David Oates were his sponsors.