Stacey Murphy

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Training – Leadership, Additional Active

Stacey Murphy is a self-employed, award-winning serial entrepreneur with businesses in digital marketing (story-telling), architecture, leadership coaching, farming, and gardening, all with Earth consciousness and focus on impact for a more regenerative world. Currently, she is working on the future of city designs and real estate developments.

In 2008, Stacey founded BK Farmyards, a decentralized urban farming collective in Brooklyn that helped inner city youth become leaders in their communities by growing food and hosting nutrition awareness workshops. BK Farmyards was integral to the local food movement and helped create an urban farming task force in the mayoral office, one of the first wins was changing zoning laws making greenhouses on rooftops legal, paving the way to large-scale urban ag.

Stacey’s architecture career has been focused on creating spaces that bring communities together, helping to design churches, synagogues, libraries, community centers in NYC and parks in Detroit.

Her strength is gathering support for a vision. She has run crowd-funding campaigns for projects ranging from children’s books that raise awareness about where food comes from, to a Go Green high school curriculum to help teens understand their health and well-being, to Circus for Leaders to empower youth to go after their dreams.

What motivates her and why does she do what she does?  “To inspire the next generation to believe that they can create a life of their dreams.” “It is my legacy to bring mentorship to young people so they believe in a better future and become the leaders they were born to be.”

Be sure to ask her about formula car racing, the adventures of dating during a pandemic and learning how to fly a trapeze!

David Oates, Duke Sobek and Dick Eger were her sponsors.