Vice Chair-Tom Gehring

Chair-Diana MarJip-Chuh

Purpose: Raise funds for Rotary programs

Activities/responsibilities: Coordinate event to showcase Rotary to current and prospective Rotary supporters in the region, secure silent and live auction items, solicit sponsors, conduct event in concert with military recognition of Veteran’s day and execute the club’s annual Give Back & Give Thanks auction.

Why join: You’ll work closely with a fun, energetic, and effective team, learn how to conduct a first-class special event, and raise funds for all of Club 33’s projects.

Committee Members:

Tom Cohen
Stanford F. Hartman, Jr.
Jo Dee C. Jacob
Michael Maggiora
Laura Wills Ochoa
Ginny Ollis
Massey Pitts
Trevor Blair
Nick Westendorf
Shawn Dixon
Aimal Laiq
Greg Oggel
Dom Addario
Stephanie Bozzuto
Alison Fleming
Michael Gordon
Steve Coopersmith
Jim Hughes