Still Have Some Lingering Questions About Becoming a Rotarian?

We have found that many of the questions below are often on the minds of prospective members.  Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Jordan Maharaj, Executive Director of the San Diego Rotary.

What kind of commitment do I need to make to attend meetings?

We ask that you prioritize your schedule to strive to meet a 50% attendance level during the year. We realize our members have many priorities in their lives and understand everyone has periods when their attendance raises and subtracts.

How often does your Rotary club meet?

Our club meetings are held every Thursday from 12:00 to 1:30 sharp!  We are dark during the weeks of July 4, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years.

What kinds of programs during our lunch meeting should I expect?

During the past 3 years, we have the state’s lieutenant governor, city mayors, etc, etc. With 48 programs a year to fill, we strive for the utmost quality of presenters with informative topics that will engage our membership.  Here are a few examples of the speakers that we have had over the years:

  • President George H.W. Bush
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Dr. Eric Topol
  • Richard Dreyfuss
  • Bill Walton
  • Tony Gywnn
  • Tony Hawk
  • Linden Blue
  • Marvin Hamlisch
  • Bill Gates, Sr.
  • Dr. Peter Salk
  • Jim Sinegal (Co-Founder and former CEO, Costco)
  • Dr. Larry Goldstein ( Dir. Stem Cell program)
  • Dr. Dean Kamen  (Segway and artificial arm)
  • Rebecca Eaton (Producer, Downton Abbey)

May I solicit the membership for business if I become a member?

Although you will receive a listing of our membership on an annual basis and the ability to electronically find their contact information, the member information shall not be used for the purpose of solicitation for non-club purposes nor shared with non-members.  The expectation is that you will personally make an effort to connect and engage with our membership during our weekly meetings and other events during the year.

May I promote my business in the club?

There are several opportunities to highlight your business which include sponsoring our weekly news report during the meeting, sponsoring our weekly email newsletter, making your donation greater than the base $350/year and having a moment to briefly mention something about a special event, or special promotion. You may also use this opportunity to put flyers on the tables to reinforce your message, and of course your chance to network face to face each week at the meetings!

Does that mean that networking is frowned upon?

Absolutely not! Rotary was founded on the chance to network between businesses; the RI emblem of a wheel depicts the original intent of “rotating” between members’ businesses to hold the weekly meetings. We encourage our members to network before lunch and to look to one another whenever a service is required.

What costs are involved in being a member of your club?

Currently the initiation fee for regular membership is $750 (If you are under 40 years of age and qualify for the YoPro program, the initiation fee is waived in lieu of a $350 donation to our Foundation.) Regular membership annual dues are currently $525 and weekly lunches are currently $37 (attendance is mandatory meaning you are charged for lunch whether you attend or not.) Non-eaters that attend are charged $7.  It is also expected that each member will make an annual donation to our Foundation and/or Rotary International of a minimum of $350.  YoPros pay dues of $325 per year, and have reduced attendance requirements of once per month.

What types of projects does your club participate in?

What is so unique about our club is the diversity of committees our members have established. There are currently  40+ different committees on which to serve! They range from club service such as helping with check-in or planning events for our newest members to special events such as our annual auction or our Holiday program. There are committees working on military affairs, international service projects in Mexico and Africa, youth projects in schools, a camp that teaches high school juniors about the value of free enterprise and so much more. Check out our current list of  Committees

Do you have any programs for younger members?

If you are a professional under 40 years old consider joining San Diego Rotary as part of our Young Professional (YoPro) program.  A YoPro is a regular member of the San Diego Rotary, with lower dues, no attendance requirement and a more flexible involvement.   Additional details can be found here Young Professionals

What is a classification and can there only be one member with the same classification?

Every member is assigned a professional classification, such as telecommunications, healthcare or architecture. Our club in conjunction with Rotary International seek to manage each classification so that there are no more than 10% of our members with the same profession in an effort to ensure a broad and diverse membership group. As an incoming member, your classification will be determined and discussed with you to ensure you are properly classified!

Why should I consider San Diego Rotary versus the many other Rotary clubs around San Diego?

Rotary is a wonderful organization to be a part of, no matter which club you choose to join. Every club has a unique mix of membership and community initiatives specific to their area and vision. You should consider which club is best suited to fit your personal goals and objectives. San Diego Rotary Club 33 was the first service organization established in San Diego in 1911 and has a long history of membership comprised of leaders from all around the city and county, all with the same goal – to give back and make a difference. Come to lunch as a visitor, meet our members and see why this is THE San Diego Rotary!