Camp Enterprise. Weekend camp that teaches high school juniors about business



Vice Chair-Christy White

Chair-Michael Anderson

Camp Enterprise 2018 was an outstanding success!  Read this follow-up from a 2018 participant…

Good evening Mrs. Jackie! I’m a former attendee from Camp Enterprise, and even though camp has ended over 2 weeks ago, the program has left a lasting impression on me. I’m going to be the first person in my family that is planning to attend a four year college, so there is a lot of pressure on me to pick a major that I️ am passionate and happy about. So far picking a passion has been very difficult since they teach us science, English, history, and government at school. What they don’t teach us, however, is business. It just so happens that that’s the major I️ am interested in. Truthfully, I️ am terrified of the fact that I might be going into a major that I don’t know that much about. I don’t want to disappoint my family, and I feel that if I choose the wrong major I will let them down. Regardless of my fears of failure, Camp Enterprise helped me realize that business is exactly what I want to study. Now, I am able to confidently say that business is the major for me. I would not have been able to say those words without you and the other Rotarians giving me this amazing opportunity. I will try my best to get into SDSU and after seeing and hearing from the Rotaract how amazing rotary is, I cannot wait to become a Rotaract! I want to grow up and show other students, that even though I’m low-income and I’m a first generation college student that I was still able to achieve my dreams. During your closing statement at camp, I truly felt your passion. I even cried. It made me so excited to join Rotary in your future. I know this email may seem out of the blue but I wanted you to know what this experience has meant to me. Thank you for this amazing opportunity and hope to see you in other opportunities!


Camp Enterprise Goal: To give opportunities to high school juniors who show interest and abilities to learn the concept of business enterprise and team building through an agenda packed 3-day offsite camp experience in the mountains of Julian, California.

Committee Member Opportunities: Camp Enterprise is a large event that requires participation of up to 40 committee members consisting of both San Diego Club Rotarians and SDSU Rotaracts. Several members are involved from year to year to ensure the continued succession of the club’s signature program. The following key committees are created annually for Camp Enterprise:

• Steering Committee – meets monthly from September through March and provides the detailed planning, coordination, and oversight for the 3-day Camp.
• Schools Chair/committee – Partners with the San Diego City School district and other legacy children schools to manage nominated students for camp attendance.
• Operations Chair/committee – Coordinates and manages various operational materials and duties while attending camp.
• Facilitators – both returning and “rookie” members partner with a Rotaract to create a triad of facilitators for each of the student business planning teams attending camp.
• Security Chair/committee – ensures the safety of the students while at camp as well as manage bus assignments and travel.
• Leadership speakers – Club members are asked to speak on behalf of various functions to create a learning opportunity for students while attending camp.

Why Join Camp Enterprise?
If you want to make a positive impact on the development of youth, then the Camp Enterprise Committee is for you. The changes these students undergo in three short days is remarkable to observe and hugely rewarding as a Rotarian. New committee members are highly encouraged to start your Camp Enterprise tenure as a rookie facilitator to truly comprehend the Camp Enterprise process as it unfolds over the course of three days.

Please  Click here  for more information about Camp Enterprise and a short video introduction.

If you have an interest in assisting with Camp Enterprise, contact the chair or vice chair who will advise you on what areas are needed for participation.

Committee Members:

Trevor Blair
Thomas M. Cohen
Solveig Deuprey
Bruce Doole
Bruce Doole
Sylvia DuBeau
Kristen Ford
Suzanne Frontz
Toni M. Giffin
Michael Gordon, IV
James W. Groen
Andrew W. Hewitt
Rachel L. Inmon
Divya Kakaiya, Ph.D.
David Kvendru
Suzanne LaTour
Bridget Meckley
Jackie Meyer
Barbara Noerenberg
Laura Wills Ochoa
Massey Pitts
Alan R. Spector, M.D.
Donald Teemsma, Jr.
Judy Thompson
Beatriz A. Valencia
Jennifer Weissman
Ned Silver