Co-Chair - Joe da Rosa

Co-Chair-Joe da Rosa

Chair-Mike Meaney

Purpose: To interact with young people and help them to develop into future community leaders.

Latest News: We are now up to approximately 10 readers at Cesar Chavez Elementary, but we are looking for a few more good people. Not afraid of kids? Great! Contact us. You won’t find a more rewarding experience.

Current Goals: Club 33 has a longstanding partnership with Cesar Chavez Elementary. The ultimate objective is to ensure students become interested in education and achieve their academic potential.

Activities/responsibilities: Rotarians provide direct adult support, assistance, caring and motivation for students who often lack this in their home and community environment. Rotarians read to students on a periodic basis, usually a half hour weekly. This is to ensure the kids realize at an early age the importance of reading and the enjoyment that can be derived from it. The program also provides the introduction of a “caring” adult in their lives. Some Rotarians, in lieu of reading, provide instruction in the area of science.

The program funds the cost of purchasing hardcover books, which are given to each student served at the end of the school year. Rotary has also purchased tables, chairs, rugs and other furnishings for the school library.  Most recently Club 33 has contributed to the school’s fund drive to send all fifth graders to camp.

Why join: Many inner city kids are deprived of a stable and supportive family. Failure has all too often become the accepted norm. These children are the future of this country, thus we need to do all we can to make sure they become productive citizens. Most of us all had adult help when we were kids… now is the time for you to provide payback.  You can participate in any of these programs without being a member of the committee. However, why not get “committee membership” recognition for something you are doing?