Chair, James Buley

Co-Chair – James Buley

Co-Chair – Troy Wilson

Purpose:  Good attendance is important to individual Rotarians and to the health and vitality of the Club as a whole.  Accurate billing for lunches is critical to the financial health of the Club.  Visitors need help with name tags, attendance forms, and seating.

1.  Provide smooth check-in service, including financial transactions.
2.  Provide accurate attendance and billing data to Accounting.
3.  Welcome visitors to SD Rotary and assist in seating them.
4.  Identify visiting Rotarians to the Chair of the Day.

Activities/responsibilities:  Scan badges of members and enter the correct number of lunches to be charged.  Take cash, checks, or credit cards for attendees who chose to pay that way.  Help all visitors with name tags and Visiting Rotarians with attendance forms.  Take all attendance forms to the Chair of the Day, with the visitor from the farthest distance on top.

Why join:  We serve the Club, help new members get started in a positive direction, get to meet and greet many fellow Rotarians, and work with enjoyable people.