Chair-Julia Holladay

Purpose: The Diana Venable Scholarship was established in 2008 to honor the memory of Diana Venable, a Rotarian who had a passion for children. In particular, Diana would find a worthy high school student who didn’t have the money to go to college and she would find a way to make it happen. Carrying on her work, the purpose of the Diana Venable Scholarship Fund is to enable low-income students who have a record of superior academic achievement and personal growth, along with leadership potential for both professional careers and civic contributions, to attend college.

Current Goals: The Diana Venable Scholarship Fund serves 6-10 students simultaneously.

Activities/responsibilities: Our club designed this scholarship and only our members mentor these students. It is solely funded through the generosity of members of Club 33.

Why join: To make a life-changing difference in a young person’s life.

Committee Members:

Rick Chatham
Judy Thompson
Bruce Doole
Beatriz Valencia
Barbara Cook
Michelle Candland