Chair – Rob Fletcher

Vice Chair – Josh Buchholz

Purpose:  San Diego Rotarians, working with the Ensenada Centenaria Rotary Club, as well as Rotarians from other Rotary Clubs in Southern California, come together every year on a weekend in January to assist in the distribution of food bags to needy families in the greater Ensenada area. For over 25 years now we have encouraged the donation of any excess tuna caught by anglers on the long range boats in the Sportfishing Association of California (SAC) fleet. In late November we add the total weight of tuna donated and at a predetermined exchange rate trade it for cases of canned tuna. The pallets of tuna are then transported by Rotarians and members of SAC to the Otay Mesa border and given to Ensenada Rotarians for transport to Ensenada.

We all come together on a Friday afternoon at the Hotel Coral in Ensenada, join with other Rotarians and fill large food bags with canned tuna and other staple food items. San Diego Rotary donates $2,500.00 each year to help in purchase of food items, as well as donate to a Half-Way House for the homeless. Cases of canned tuna are also donated to local Orphanages and money is given to assist needy families with infant care. Additional donations come from SAC as well as from other Rotary Clubs.

On Saturday the food bags, as well as blankets and toys for the children, are distributed by teams of SAC members and Rotarians to a dozen different locations to families that were preselected by members of Ensenada Rotary. In the afternoon after all complete their work we come together at the home of Rotarian Dr. Eloy Perez and his lovely wife Charro, and we celebrate our work with drinks and a great barbecue lunch. That evening we are on our own and we return to San Diego Sunday morning in time for the NFL Playoff games! All in all a fulfilling weekend and lots of hard work and fun!

Why join:  Help families in real need. 100% of our work helps these families.  Following the distribution of the baskets, all the Rotarians and their families and guests gather at the home of an Ensenada Rotarian for fellowship and conversation, and a great time is had by all!  Contact Chairman Bob Fletcher for more info.  Click here for an inspiring video on Helping Hands Across the Border