Chair-Mike Conner

Purpose: To provide Grotarians with an opportunity to give the Inspirational Moment (IM) as a requirement for obtaining their Blue Badge and to provide Rotarians with an opportunity to give an IM at a meeting of their choice.

Activities/responsibilities: At an Inspirational Moment Committee meeting held early in the Rotarian Year, each committee member selects one month during which she/he will contact Grotarians or Rotarians to give the IM for each Thursday in that month. The committee member then gives the Rotary office the list of IM participants for her/his month. The committee chair coordinates the list of Grotarians available for the IM and facilitates the committee members.

Why join: It’s a valuable job that can be done from home or office, at the computer through email.

Committee Members:
Warren J. Arnett, Jr.
Mark S. Burgess
Margaret F. Eddy
Sue W. Goldstein
Stanford F. Hartman, Jr.
Julia Holladay
Jo Dee C. Jacob
Ginny Ollis
Patricia L. Roscoe
Jeanne E. Schmelzer
Simona Valanciute
William H. Wise