Vice Chair – Ed Mracek

Chair – Duke Sobek

Latest News: Why did you join Rotary? Those same reasons are why you should open the opportunity of membership in this incredible organization to new people.  Give them the gift of Rotary!

Add new members in 2022-2023.
Bring in younger, established professional members
Work towards greater cultural diversity.

Activities/responsibilities: The Membership Committee is charged with developing a list of qualified prospective members; shepherding them/their sponsors through the approval process; and helping ensure retention of those new members.  On a continuing basis encourage Rotarians to submit referrals for membership.  Three subcommittees, Review, Retention and Non-Profit Membership, focus on specific aspects of the overall process.  Information about criteria for new prospective members can be found in the membership section of the website.

Why join: Membership is the lifeblood of any organization. Helping to ensure the continuing health of Rotary is both fulfilling and fun by getting to know  other Rotarians on the committee and learning of new prospects for membership.   Learn more about  Sponsoring Membership in San Diego Rotary.