Chair – Michael LaCroix

Purpose: To build and maintain a close relationship between San Diego Rotary and San Diego’s military community.

Latest News: We hold quarterly barbecues at the airport USO. See video of USO here  The newly minted Marines, their families and other military personnel traveling to and from San Diego really appreciate a “home cooked” lunch that is served on the beautiful patio at the new USO facility at Lindbergh Field.  We also participate in the Armed Services YMCA holiday programs and are developing connections with  the Student Veterans Organization at Mesa College.

Goals: To provide Rotarian service to the active duty personnel of the U.S. Armed Forces, their families, and military veterans residing in San Diego.

Activities/responsibilities: To introduce San Diego Rotary members to our military, we arrange visits to sea and shore stations. We introduce all San Diego Flag and General officers as Military Ex-officio Liaison members of the club. We attend military functions on behalf of Rotary and assist other Club committees (e.g., Salute to the Military Committee, Grotarian Committee) with events involving military personnel. We deliver Rotary service to the San Diego military community through projects such as the ASYMCA Holiday Toy Program, The Christmas You Missed Party, Veteran’s Village Christmas Eve Party, StandDown for Homeless Vets, and Rotarians at Work Day.

Why join: Great opportunity to be of service to the military. Those new members with former military service find this committee especially rewarding. It is a way for those Rotarians who have not come into contact with Armed Service men and women to learn more about them and the US military community in San Diego.