Vice Chair – Whitney Skala

Chair – Mark Burgess

Purpose: The News Committee provides an outlet for member messages at the beginning of each news cast and a platform to bring important news stories they may not have heard to the members in the middle of their busy day.

Activities/Responsibilities: Each newscaster reaches out to the member with the promotional spot at the beginning of the week and then helps them refine the message to fit the allotted 25-30 words.  Then, as the meeting time approaches, they gather the four news items to present. Not the most prominent stories the member has already heard, but just as important.  At the end of the newscast which begins at the start of most meetings, to leaven the serious news, each newscaster taps their own sense of humor to try to make the most members laugh.

Why Join: Members will get tutoring in how to form a succinct headline from a torrent of news.  Getting up in front of the entire membership to speak will raise the member’s profile and help others get them.

Edward R. Chaplin, M.D.
Michael J. Conner
Deirdre Maloney
Camille Hom Newbern
Ginny Ollis
Sandy Purdon
Wendy Urushima-Conn