Vice Chair-Steve Coopersmith

Chair – Mike Caruso

Purpose: To annually review requests for funding from various Rotary Community Projects Committees and recommend to the Rotary Board of Directors those projects that should receive funding.

Latest News: The Foundation Board approved the committee recommendation of $242,706 in grants for 2020-2021.

Goals: To increase San Diego Rotary involvement in hands-on projects.

Activities/responsibilities: At the beginning of each Rotary year, requests for funding are received from the various committees. The members of the Project Allocations Committee divide into teams and meet with the requester to evaluate the request on the basis of established guidelines.

Why join: Participation on the Project Allocations Committee gives new Rotarians the opportunity to gain an overview and appreciation of the vast amount of community work in which Rotarians are involved. It is also an opportunity to meet and work with other Rotarians.

Committee Members:

Jay Arnett
Michelle Candland
Mary G. Colacicco, Ph.D.
Barbara Cook
Tyler W. Cramer
Ingrid D. de Llamas
Bruce Doole
Richard M. Green, D.P.M.
Stanford F. Hartman, Jr.
William Lawrence
Kimberley B. Layton
Andrew J. Liska
Diana MarJip-Chuh
Robert G. Russell, Jr.
Nathan M. Silver
Raymond Uzeta
Simona Valanciute
Ramona Walker
William H. Wise
Wes Wilmers
Divya Kakaiya
Allison Whitney