Co-Chair – Walter Lam

Co-Chair - Roger Haines

Co-Chair – Roger Haines

Purpose: To advance International exchange and programs including the solicitation and presentation of Paul Harris Fellows. To put money into the hands of women, create small businesses and teach financial literacy that becomes sustainable.

Activities/responsibilities: To solicit funds for Rotary International and work with District and Club on International projects, foreign group study exchange programs, Ambassadorial Scholars program and Polio Plus efforts.  Our intention is to launch and leverage multiple micro credit unions in the developing countries that are measurable and scalable and to maximize impact of microfinance through collaboration with multiple Rotary clubs, districts, and others.

Why join: This committee falls under the broad category of International Service. There is a potential wide range of projects that a member, if they wished, could involve themselves with on the District as well as International level. Our club has done many projects that could qualify as International Service but separate committees have handled most. This committee has in the past concerned itself with the annual Paul Harris Dinner and raising of funds for that dinner and for International Foundation. Time is ripe to expand beyond our historic activity and to become involved in the many International activities of Rotary, including the elimination of poverty in third world countries and to help women in these countries.