Co-Chair-Simona Valanciute

Co-Chair-Mark Allan

Purpose: To increase awareness of and service to seniors living in poverty or are homeless.

Goals: To put a “face” on the plight of needy seniors in the community and enhance understanding of the challenges that frail, poor seniors face on a daily basis.

Activities/responsibilities: Annual “cold weather clothes and blankets drive” in November. Host 100 Seniors to attend Holiday luncheon, or other like event. Host quarterly lunches for visiting seniors from member organizations at a regular Thursday lunch meeting.  Highlights Older Americans Month in May with information, volunteering to do an Inspirational Moment during May, and arranging for a speaker.

Why join: The Senior Services Committee has “hands on” projects that directly impact the lives of seniors living in our community. The activities are designed to “lift the spirits of the seniors” served.  There are many opportunities to interact directly with the people being served.