Chair – Ben Wood

The Joint Venture with San Diego Rotary and SESD Rotary is to assist SESD grow in membership, develop its programs and establish the club as a viable organization with community connections in South East San Diego.

To increase the Membership of SESD Rotary through an organizational framework;  provide programs for the Club;  to stage a Strategic Planning meeting in the very near future

Latest News:
Attend SESD Rotary lunches on Wednesdays at noon every month;  to participate in SESD Rotary’s activities where possible; to support their ideas for growth and development.

Why join:
SESD needs support!  We are a small but committed committee who enjoy the camaraderie and activities of the SESD members; it’s an opportunity to learn about an under served area and help to build a strong foundation for this Club;  it’s an opportunity to give back to the greater San Diego community.