Chair – Doug Arbon

Purpose: The STEM Committee is focused on providing enriching science, technology, engineering and math-related (STEM) activities for elementary through high school students in underserved communities, to inspire them to pursue STEM education and careers. Beginning in 2013, with programs in a single elementary school, we now sponsor a variety of hands-on, project-based activities to all 13 schools (10 elementary, 2 middle and Hoover High) in the Hoover Cluster in City Heights. Fellow Club 33 member Joe Austin is principal at Hoover and helps ensure the success of our initiative. As a volunteer, you can assist even with no STEM background at a family science night. Or, if you’re knowledgeable about or want to learn robotics or computer coding, you might assume more of an ongoing role. You might want to avail yourself of some of the same training we’ll be offering to teachers. Or maybe you’d like to help teachers secure a special piece of equipment, by writing a simple grant on an online crowdfunding site for educators. If you have a STEM background, you could share it with middle or high school students. Whatever role you choose, it’s bound to be rewarding…for the students, and for you!

 Why Join:  What more satisfying volunteer role is there than changing lives! Students with only a short supply of positive role models and/or minimal knowledge of career opportunities within their reach, can have their eyes opened to possibilities they never even dreamed of! Studies show that involvement with robotics, for instance, can inspire students to pursue more challenging educational coursework and a higher level of education than students not exposed to robotics.  Here is a recent video that illuminates some of our impact … STEM Overview

The Club also supports STEM through the CADES Scholarship.  More information can be found here

Committee Members:

Daniel Amaro
Mark Burgess
Patrick Caughey
Kristen Ford
Wesley Wilmers
Michael Meaney
Pamela Cosman
Caitlin Root
Bruce Doole
Barbara Cook
Justine Wong
Samuel Rinaker
Steven Mueller
Clara Draf
Jan Driscoll
Glenn Goltz
Jennifer Barnes