Vice Chair- Zeynep Ilgaz

Chair – Drew Moser

Homelessness is arguably San Diego’s most pressing social issue.
More than 1,500 youth are among the homeless in San Diego County. Moreover, youth make up 12 percent of the county’s unsheltered homeless population, higher than veterans at 10 percent and families at 3 percent.
Until recently our club supported “Storefront”, the only emergency youth shelter in our city. Now, with the outreach and connections of Chairman Drew Moser and Vice Chair Zeynep Ilgaz, we are serving several homeless youth organizations including:
San Diego Youth Services
Youth Assistance Coalition
Urban Street Angels

Our work activitees include:
Serving Meals
Providing bus passes, uber passes, hygiene kits, move-in kits and furnishings
One-on-one mentoring, training and learning to “be a friend”
Hiring youth
Rotarians at work day
Funding where we can

Our committee meets once a month for a service project at one of the shelters.
Why Join? Getting involved in our Rotary San Diego youth homeless committee can be a meaningful and impactful way to contribute to your community and address a pressing social issue. Here are several reasons why you might consider getting involved:
Address a critical issue
Make a difference
Community building
Advocacy and awareness
Personal fulfillment
Networking with your fellow Rotarians
Promote positive change
Personal growth

If you can’t join us, you can help by referring to catering and printing to “Timmy’s Place”, a delicious and reasonable pizza, sandwich, and pastries, AND printing services of all kinds operated by homeless youth. It is right on the west side of 5th Ave between Ash and Beech Streets where for some reason parking is always available on both sides of the street!
The best reward for engaging with this work is being inspired by the amazing courage of these young people!