Activities/responsibilities: Storefront is San Diego’s only emergency night shelter program for homeless, runaway and “street” youth. Our committee works with the on-site managers to provide many services including a monthly evening conversation between selected speaker experts and the youth, where they discuss positive messages. Some of the many topics include: sex education (Yes!, requested by management), independent living skills, visions for their future, job interview skills, financial management, sewing, art, music, athletic skills, and more. Club 33 is also actively improving the Storefront facility by overseeing interior construction, painting, and other positive modifications to the exterior landscape. We solicit tickets for manager distribution to the youth for our incredible local attractions like the San Diego Zoo, the Air and Space Museum, Escape Rooms, the Midway, Comic Con Museum, Padres games, mini golf, whale watching, the Halloween Horror Trail in Balboa Park, Sea World, the new Craft Center at UCSD, and so many more. We hope to provide hair styling and other such services, and maintain our work with management on site to provide basic clothing needs. Holidays are a big deal and we try to provide appropriate celebrations. The goal is to make the youth feel cared for, that they have resources, and to bring relief to the managers who work so hard in a difficult situation. The overwhelming take away from meeting the sheltered youth is discovering the depths of their courage. A wow! If you can help with any of these aspects of service, please contact Thomas Sherman or Ginny Ollis.