Nick Bernal-Chair

City Heights is a large urban community in San Diego known for its ethnic diversity. With cultures from around the world mixing together in City Heights one common thread between them is a love of Soccer. Unfortunately due to the barriers to entry for hosting a tournament and the constraints on families to support this athletic endeavors for their kids there has been a complete void of opportunities for the kids of City heights to participate in a soccer tournament.

The San Diego Rotary Cup Youth Soccer Tournament strives to fill that void by hosting a youth soccer tournament in City Heights for both girls and boys aged 8 years to 16 years. Our mission is to give the kids of City Heights the opportunity to play soccer and learn the many lessons that come from friendly competition. We hope to display to City Heights the leadership and community outreach that our Rotary Club provides throughout the world. By hosting a simple soccer tournament for youth in City Heights, building goodwill and friendships in a community that would otherwise not have access to this opportunity.

Enjoy this video of the 2019 tournament….

o Field Coordination
o Team Sign Ups
o Medal Design
o Food/Beverage Coordination
o Operations (printing materials, wrist bands, signage)
During Event:
o Set up
o Registration
o Food/Beverage Management
o Operations/Coordination of Teams/Games
o Medical/First Aid
o Tear down
o Surveys
o Collect Survey Data
o Recap Event
o Report results to Board

Why join:
This is a wonderful opportunity for any member of the Rotary Club to directly help with hands on activities. To contribute with their knowledge and experience to a new and fast growing committee of the San Diego Rotary Club.