Hoover InteractThe Hoover High School Cardinals Interact is a partnership between Price Charities and San Diego Rotary Club to support a mentoring program for Hoover High School students grades ten through twelve. There are approximately 150 Hoover High students who participate at any one time in the three year mentoring and tutoring program. The program which is modeled in part on the Aaron Price Fellows Program, includes camps, as well as visits to San Diego businesses, non-profits and government institutions. Students are able to experience a variety of programs along with ongoing one on one mentoring and tutoring. One of the major challenges at Hoover High School is a low graduation rate. The program has been successful at helping many of its participants graduate from high school and attend college. In fact 95% of the students who graduate the program continue on to college.

95% of the students who graduate the program continue on to college

Hoover Interact Class of 2016 from Paul Devermann on Vimeo.

A moving tribute thank you to Price Philanthropies and San Diego Rotary from the Hoover Interact Class of 2016

  • First year students attend camp and participate in workshops dealing with human relations and self-esteem. Camp also provides students with the opportunity to get to know each other while gaining an understanding of how the program can help them succeed in high school. Participants also go on trips to local businesses, non-profit and public organizations. Students learn how these organizations function, and the many career opportunities they offer.
  • During the second and third years, Interact participants continue to attend camp once a year, visit community organizations, adopt a community service project and mentor young children.
  • The Cardinals Interact Program offers participants mentoring and tutoring services and provides students the opportunity to become part of a positive community outside of school and family.
  • Students who successfully complete the three-year program are awarded a $1,000 scholarship for vocational school or community college, or $1,500 for a four year college or university.