Mercy Outreach Surgical Team – MOST

The mission of MOST is to bring opportunities for a normal life to impoverished children and adults in Mexico through the gift of plastic, general and ophthalmologic surgery. MOST works very closely with local Mexican Rotary clubs in our destination cities to coordinate week-long missions. Together, with our volunteer Anesthesiologists, Surgeons, Nurses, Operating Room Technicians, Pharmacists, and others we are able to correct cleft lips, cleft palates, microtia, syndactylies, hernias, hydroceles, strabismus, burn scars and contractures, removal of extra toes/fingers, hairy nevus, etc. These procedures enable these children to go to school, obtain an education and become vital members of their community. MOST has positively changed the lives of over 10,700 patients and their families since the program started in 1987. At this time, MOST travels to the interior of Mexico twice a year for week-long trips.

128 plastic and general surgeries during our week-long mission trip

MOST recently traveled to Tehuacan, Puebla, Mexico (MAP) with a team of 45 volunteers including San Diego Rotary doctors and volunteers. This was the fourth time that MOST had been to the city of Tehuacan, located approximately 150 miles from Mexico City. Working alongside the volunteers from the Tehuacan Rotary Club, MOST was able to perform 128 plastic and general surgeries during our week-long mission trip. The Mexican Rotary Club offered invaluable support providing transportation, lodging and food for the patients, families and volunteers. The local Rotary Club also helped take care of the children before and after surgery.

San Diego Rotary doctors and volunteers with MOST in Mexico