How do members submit program suggestions?

The great programs we are privileged to present to you each week do not happen by accident. Yes,
our podium is greatly desired, and we have many suggestions that come to us, but we depend on
our members to participate in the submissions, suggesting speakers they have heard and think our
club could benefit from hearing. We strive to present a great variety of programs that are content rich
and have a relevance to “what’s happening today.”

Here’s how:

1. Send submissions to the Rotary office via email, they will be forwarded to the program chair.
2. Include a short bio on the submission and a synopsis of the talk/topic.
3. Make sure you have heard the speaker’s presentation.
4. Evaluate the relevancy and timeliness to our members.

What happens to program submissions?

1. The President develops guidelines for the year to assist the Program Chair, quarterly chairs

and Program Committee with the types of programs to be emphasized.
2. The President evaluates all programs and has the final say as to whether a speaker is to be
3. The purpose of the Program Committee is to submit programs and help evaluate
submissions. They meet at the programs chairs discretion, typically prior to quarter two, three
and four.
4. The Program Chair keeps track of all submissions and responds directly to the program
submissions that are not a good fit. All program submissions are shared with the president.
Programs that seem to be a good fit go to the quarterly chairs and the Program Committee.
5. The Program Chair along with the President and the quarterly chairs will discuss, evaluate
and slot tentative speakers for each quarter.
6. The quarterly chairs are responsible for contacting the selected speaker who will present
during their quarter, sending a confirmation letter with details, facilitating the exchange of
information with the Rotary office and sending a thank you letter to the speaker after the
7. The Rotary office follows up with the speaker and the quarterly chair to ensure the speaker is
informed about the meeting details and have submitted bio and talk information so it can be
placed in the Rotator and on our website. Typically three weeks prior to scheduling.

We encourage each member to think about programs you have seen that would be viable to
present to our club. Please make a submission. We’ve enjoyed a wide variety of top-level
speakers and only through all of our efforts will that continue.

Your Program Committee thanks you