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Jose Cruz

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Youth Organization-Barrio Logan College Institute

Jose is the CEO of Barrio Logan College Institute (BLCI).  BLCI offers a variety of after school programs that help underserved students prepare for college and careers.

He was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in City Heights. He had a transformative experience while in college and realized that he wanted to help change the City Heights community and wanted his friends and others like him to be able to go to college.

Jose has been with BLCI since 2009, where they have maintained 100% college enrollment for their high school graduates.

Trevor Blair, Judy McDonald and Mel Katz were his sponsors.


Dr. Pamela Cosman

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Education-UCSD Engineering.”  Pam is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UCSD.  Also at UCSD, she is the Faculty Equity Advisor for the Jacobs School of Engineering and the Co-Director for the Center for Research on Gender in STEMM.

She is a graduate of the California Institute of Technology and obtained her Masters and Ph.D. from Stanford University.

Pam visits with elementary schools to present workshops related to electrical engineering.  She has written a children’s book (The Secret Code Menace), aimed at ages 8 to 12, that teaches a little bit about error correction coding and other concepts in wireless communications in the form of a fictional story.

She connects with the local community by doing events such presenting on Women in STEM (a high school outreach event), serving on the Internal Advisory Board of the STEM Success Initiative, and she does editorial and conference organization volunteer work with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Pam and her husband Bart, a surgeon at UCSD, have been married for 30 years and they have 4 boys.

Divya Kakaiya, Doug Arbon and Judy Thompson were her sponsors.


Marinda Peugh

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Marinda is the Development Director for Cygnet Theatre.

She grew up in Olympia, WA.  She attended Western Washington University where she received her degree in Journalism and Public Relations.  It was during her time in college that she found her passion for non-profit fundraising, when was hired to be a Campaign Executive for the United Way.

Marinda has spent her career fundraising for the United Way, Big Brothers Big Sisters and the American Red Cross, before joining Cygnet Theatre.

She loves the outdoors and to travel.  She just bought a plane ticket to Thailand! Volunteering and serving her community is very important to her so she is honored to become a Rotarian.

Christy White, Jenni Prisk and Stan Hartman were her sponsors.


Allyson Tutor

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Certified Public Accounting-National

Allyson is a Tax Senior with CapinCrouse, LLP. Her company is based in Indiana and they work solely with non-profit entities.

She was born and raised in the Inland Empire.  She moved to San Diego to attend Point Loma Nazarene University to study Business Administration.  She obtained her CPA license after graduation.

Allyson spent 7 years working at the San Diego Food Bank, which gave her a close connection with the local community.  She misses that experience so she is very much looking forward to being involved with Rotary.

Her husband Chris is also a CPA.  They have 2 children: Donovan (4) and Katherine (1).

Mia Harenski, Price Adams and David Kvendru were her sponsors.


Madelyn Hersman

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Winery-Retail and Vineyards, Additional Active

Madelyn is the Fine Wine Manager with EJ Gallo Winery.

“Maddy” grew up in Mission Viejo where she attended El Toro High School.  She then attended USD on a full scholastic scholarship and with junior standing.  She double majored in Philosophy and Political Science and graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Changing her mind last minute about law school, she applied to twenty different companies and ended up with EJ Gallo Winery.  After six years and four different roles in the company, she is excited to finally have free time to become involved with Rotary.

Maddy has been involved with service organizations her whole life and is still involved with the Girl Scouts (she started a Daisy troop last year.) She is a newly-wed—she and her husband Charlie were married last June.

 Kimberly Higgins, Daniel Amaro and Kurt Volker were her sponsors.


Paul Thiel

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Investment-Wealth Management, Additional Active

Paul is a Senior Partner and Wealth Strategist with Northern Trust Corp.

He is originally from Boston.  He has a passion for journalism and spent the first 20 years of his career as a reporter and even owned a small media company.

Paul also runs the Chairmen’s Roundtable (pro-bono mentoring for San Diego Businesses), he is on the Board for Dallmann’s Confections in San Marcos, and runs the planned giving for the La Jolla Institute of Allergy and  Immunology.

He is a lifelong racquetball and paddleball player and has won national and state championships.  He and his wife Lori have 2 children, McClain (19) and Madeline (13).

John Morrell, Andy Fitchorn and Martha Dennis were his sponsors.


Jonathan Cole

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Jonathan is a Sales Administrator with Here he is spearheading a non-profit initiative to leverage machine learning to help veterans and their spouses find meaningful careers in San Diego.

He first got involved with Rotaract when he was 19 years old at SDSU, then eventually joined San Diego Rotaract.  He recently found out that his family has been involved with Rotary for over 83 years!

Jonathan graduated from SDSU with a B.S. degree in Business Administration and was recognized as one of the top ten leaders on campus for excellence in academics, leadership and service.

He enjoys boxing, playing the saxophone and genealogy.

Bobby Marsh, Dick Troncone and Bill Earley were his sponsors.


Ned Silver

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Ned was in the pharmacy and pharmaceutical healthcare industry for over 40 years.

He is original from the East Coat (NY/NJ area).  He met his wife Karla at Rutgers University where they were both attending pharmacy school. They moved to Los Angeles over 40 years ago where they raised their two sons.  They have one grandson.

Ned and Karla moved to San Diego three years ago to retire and are absolutely loving the San Diego city life! Ned is currently serving on the Board for The Arc of San Diego, a non-profit for mentally and disabled children and adults.

Tom Cohen, Tom Vecchione and David Oates were his sponsors.


Steve Snyder

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Steve is the President and CEO of the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. He is originally from New York City.  He received his undergraduate degree in Physics from Carnegie Mellon and his graduate degree from Michigan State, where he also met his wife, Jennifer.

Steve and Jennifer fell in love with real bbq while living in Kansas City.  You can now find them barbecuing in their backyard on most weekends.  They have two sons, Ben (15) and Sam (13).

Steve would like you to know that as a trained physicist “he is often wrong, but never…ever…ever unsure!”

Doug Arbon, Jim Hughes and Betty Peabody were his sponsors.


Janessa Goldbeck

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Consultant-Public Policy and Communication

Janessa is a Combat Engineer Officer with the United States Marine Corps (5.5 years) and is also the Founding Principal of Sui Generis Strategies, a consulting firm that provides strategic advocacy solutions for 501c3 clients.

She has a long history of involvement with Rotary. She was the President of her Interact Club from 2001-2003 at San Dieguito High School Academy and attended RYLA as a student in 2003. She interned for The Rotarian while a Journalism and African Studies student at Northwestern University, writing several features for the magazine. After many years of moving around with the Marine Corps, Janessa has recently returned to her hometown of San Diego, where she plans to retire next year and remain for many years. She is currently on the Board of the Women’s Museum and is pursing a Masters of Public Administration at USC via their full-time online program.

Andrea da Rosa, Michelle Candland and Peg Eddy were her sponsors.