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Karen Sangren

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Retired-Point Loma Nazarene University

Karen is a retired Art Education Professor and Chair Emeritus of the Department of Art and Design for Point Loma Nazarene University.

Karen was born on an emergency room gurney in the hallway while her dad was parking the car, and she’s been in a hurry ever since. She used her timeliness well while teaching art and design at the college level for over forty years. During that time she served on an array of local, state and national boards including 20-years of service on the Art Advisory Panel for the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing which was responsible for writing CTC State Standards, approving art education programs across the state of California, and producing standardized tests for the discipline. Outside of the collegiate scope, Karen has taught art to children experiencing homelessness at the St. Vincent de Paul Center and San Diego County schools for eight years, and she sings in the La Jolla Presbyterian Church Choir.

She has a Ph. D. in Art Education from the University of Oregon and interned at the Planning Department after completing her graduate studies. The joy of giving to the health and well-being of San Diego neighborhoods has contributed to content in her visual arts and across her career.


Karen thanks her sponsors Goldie Sinegal, Roger Haines and Walter Lam.


Kari Logan

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Kari has been the Regional Executive Director of YMCA San Diego County since 2012.

She grew up in Thousand Oaks, CA, and then attended University of New Mexico State on a full athletic scholarship for division 1 volleyball. After graduating Kari became the Assistant Director of Athletic Marketing and Promotions at UC Santa Barbara, an Event Director for Elite Racing, Inc., the Assistant Director of Athletics for Development at USD, Executive Director of Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America, and then in 2008, the Vice President of Competitor Group, Inc., producing 9 Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathons and half marathons.

Kari’s husband David was a Rotary Youth Exchange Student in Spain, and still credits that year as the transformational experience that truly changed the trajectory of his life. Together they have two sons who love sports, outdoor activities, food and theater.

“If we put our hands, heads and hearts together, anything is possible!”


Kari thanks her sponsors Tracy Sundlun, Sidd Vivek and Courtney Pendleton.

Eli Ohayon

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Real Estate Development – Acquisition

Eli was born in Spain, has Portuguese citizenship and speaks French. He and his wife, fellow San Diego Rotary member Betsy Brennan, have a blended family with 5 teenagers.

Having retired from a career practicing pediatric anesthesia, Eli is now developing a real estate portfolio and management corporation, MANAKA LLC. Although he loved the practice of medicine, he left that career at young age to get away from the bureaucracy that often comes with it. One of the things he loved most in his medical practice was going on medical missions. There was something energizing in working in a foreign country without the use of our everyday resources, while also having the money aspect of the work taken out of it.  One of these missions he embarked on was sponsored by the Rotary. He knew from then on he would be involved with Rotarians in some way.

Eli thanks his sponsors Betsy Brennan, Nikki Clay and Ben Clay

Paula Lemkuil

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Senior Services-Additional Active

Paula Lemkuil is the Director of Business Development for Belmont Village Senior Living. Among her many talents, poetry helped inspire her self-introduction.

Set to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air Theme Song:

In North Santa Barbara where I was raised
In the city of Goleta, where I spent most of my days
My Mom a Korean lady, met Dad overseas
Grew up with my brother, who now lives with me.

Went to school, got married, and had 4 children
Moved here to San Diego, for a career decision.

My career went from Banking to Real Estate Sales
Until something happened that really made me scared
My Mom got alzheimer’s and I hadn’t a clue
What is it, how does it work, what can I do?

I found I can help others and began a new job
Explaining senior living, dementia & fog.
I’ve been in this career for 14 years
It has brought much joy, happiness & tears.

For fun I host events with friends & fam
I love trying new restaurants & red wine is my Jam
I can play poker and ride a motorcycle too
But being with my grandchildren is my special do.

I volunteer on a few boards in town
Tri City Hospital, UCSD Stein Institute & the Alzheimer’s Association
Are part of my rounds.

Thank you to Ed Mracek for sponsoring me here
Along with Larry Showley, & Amnon Ben-Yehuda, what a dear.
Thank you for these minutes to share who I am
I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can.

Theotis Daniels

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Theotis (Theo) is the Business Banking Sales Manager for Home Bank of California, a family-owned community bank providing comprehensive financial solutions that match business owners’ needs.

Born and raised in Salinas, CA, an area known for John Steinbeck novels such as East of Eden, Theo later moved to Sacramento to attend college. While earning his degree in communications at Sacramento State, he also competed on the men’s division one track and field team as a pole vaulter. He moved to San Diego after a few years up north to avoid the hot and cold temperature extremes.

He and his girlfriend enjoy the many outdoor activities San Diego has to offer including golf, hiking, taking their dogs to the beach and pickleball. His volunteer efforts with Junior Achievement, San Diego Food Bank and Neighborhood Housing Association have been meaningful to him. Joining San Diego Rotary will allow him to expand the time and quality of his volunteer undertakings. Coming from Salinas, Theo experienced first hand the power of public service as that area lacks a lot of funding and opportunities that other areas are privy to. He appreciates the teachers and parents who put extra time and effort into that community while he was growing up, and he is ready to get more involved in paying back those endeavors.

Theo thanks his sponsors Roger Haines, Duke Sobek and Wendy Urushima-Conn.

Jason Emmons

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Certified Public Accounting-Regional-Additional Active

Jason Emmons is committed to a mission of meaningful and measurable impact for the human talent around him.

He was born in San Francisco and has been delivering professional services his entire life starting with a paper route at age 10, laundry service at age 12, and McDonald’s at age 15 where he finished his apprenticeship in selling and delivering professional services.

Now, he helps public and private companies reduce the cost of managing cyber risk while complying with SEC & PCAOB regulations as an IT Consultant and Partner of Moss Adams.

He’s done two long term international rotations in Austria and Argentina and now resides in America’s Finest City. He’s worked in places where he didn’t speak the language nor had access to the resources that exist here in the U.S. He even helped found Vienna, Austria’s first English-speaking Rotary Club: Vienna-International in 2012, which currently boasts 52 members.

Jason enjoys snowboarding, wakeboarding, hiking and drinking a glass of wine. He grew up just south of the Oregon border and is now grateful to live just north of the Mexican border with his wife, son and their dog.


Jason thanks his sponsors Judy Thompson, Bruce Knowlton and Sidd Vivek.


Jules Taggart

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As the Founder and CEO of Wayward Kind, a digital and marketing collective and certified B Corporation, Jules Taggart strives to bring greater visibility to the work of purpose driven organizations that are designing a more just future. She is a human-centered marketing strategist, fraction CMO and educator. She believes that even as we rely more heavily on digital platforms for storytelling, organizing and uprising, meaningful human connection is still the most effective tool for liberation. One of the ways she measures the impact of her work is by championing the work of organizations that are making significant contributions in race, class and gender equity.

Jules grew up in Minnesota, left for college then grad school in Missouri, followed by a move to San Diego with her now husband. They have two children and are active participants in all things San Diego. Many of us remember Jules as she was a member of San Diego Rotary for a over a year before both the pandemic and a personal tragedy altered her plans. She put her membership on hold for awhile, but is now ready to get back into action. She would like to spot opportunities to help and step in where needed, looking first at the DEI, City Heights Rotaract and Cesar Chavez Readers committees.


Jules thanks her sponsors David Oates and Denise Scatena.

Ryan Dunn

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Military Service – US Navy – Additional Active

Ryan Dunn is a Commander in the US Navy and is an aviator. He has served over 26 years as a Naval Officer and helicopter pilot, currently serving as the Director of Aviation Training at Afloat Training Group San Diego. He is a Naval Academy graduate as well as the University of San Diego where he earned a Master’s of Science in Global Leadership. His certificates include Master Training Specialist and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. Ryan has spent all 27 years, with the exception of a short tour in England with NATO, stationed here, and deploying from San Diego.

Ryan has volunteered for many organizations such as the Ironman Discipleship Program at Rock Church, the Master’s Program as a youth basketball coach, a baseball coach for Carmel Valley Little League, a school volunteer for Carmel Del Mar Elementary, and, as a cafeteria worker for Saint Vincent de Paul Parish homeless shelter.  He would like to continue his volunteer outreach through the San Diego Rotary committees by joining the Four Way Speech Contest, Interact programs, Senior Services and Military Affairs.

He and his wife Christa have two children, Sophie and Alistair. The family is very active in all things outdoors, from running, swimming and golfing, to biking, hiking and weightlifting. Ryan credits his healthy culinary abilities by self-titling “Smoothie King.”


His sponsors are Julie Roland, Wendy Urushima-Conn and Rodger Dougherty


Kea Spurrier

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Associations – Jewish Family Services

Kea Spurrier is the Chief Advancement Officer of Jewish Family Services, a human service agency that serves more than 80,000 San Diegans annually—regardless of religion, ability, race or identity. Prior to that, she worked at San Diego Zoo Global, also in development. She is currently the Chapter President of the Association for Fundraising Professionals. Kea has done volunteer work with Words Alive!, Dreams for Change, Wild Coast, San Diego Foundation, La Jolla Elementary and La Jolla High School; and, she is excited to continue to serve her community in a volunteer capacity through San Diego Rotary.

Kea is a San Diego native and a graduate of University of California San Diego, where she received a scholarship from Rotary to attend; as well as alumna of University of San Diego, where she received her master’s in leadership and nonprofit management. She is the mother of two boys, and and is an extensive traveler and an avid road cyclist.


Kea thanks her sponsors Wendy Urushima-Conn, Valerie Attisha, and Patti Roscoe.

Janet Hamada Kelley

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Associations – Alzheimer’s Association

Janet Hamada Kelley is the Executive Director of the Alzheimer’s Association of the San Diego and Imperial Chapter. She has worked in the voluntary health care space for ten years serving at several different organizations such as the Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, in both a local and national capacity. Prior to her nonprofit work she owned two businesses: a consulting firm and a clothing boutique.

She is passionate about supporting women of color in leadership positions. She is currently a fellow in the Asian Pacific American Women Leadership Institute and is a member of Compassion Circle.

Janet was born and raised in Orange County, but after attending University of California San Diego, she put roots down here. She and her husband Justin have a four-year-old daughter who she loves to plan parties for in her off-time. She is interested in pursuing service for the Senior Services Committee, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, and Membership Development.


Her sponsors are David Oates, Trevor Blair and Allison Whitney.