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Kristie-Bruce Lane

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Kristie is the President and Founder of The Thumbprint Project Foundation, a 501c(3) non profit that aides in the transitional process of homeless children impacted by childhood domestic violence, including human trafficking.

Kristie was born and raised in Bakersfield, CA.  She graduated from Cal Poly where she earned two Bachelors of Science degrees in Nutritional Science and Crop Science with a Biotechnology minor.  She settled in San Diego in 2011 and lives in 4S Ranch with her husband Todd and their 5-year-old son Luke.  Kristie enjoys serving her community and is involved in such organizations as The Door of Hope, San Diego Food Bank, Illuminating Pathways and the Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast.  She also enjoys surfing, sports, travel and Yoga Sculpt.

Tom Cohen, Duke Sobek and Kimberley Layton were her sponsors.

Brian Jackson

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Brian is the owner and president of Sandler Training, a sales training and leadership consulting company. He is originally from Texas and is a graduate of Texas Tech University.

Brian proudly shared that in the 10th grade, he was the winner of the Grapevine Rotary Club’s Four-Way Test Speech Contest.  He won $100, which he would eventually use to buy a replacement wheel for his ‘84 Prelude from a junkyard.

He and his wife, Risa, have 4 children; 3 boys and a girl.

David Oates, Frank Caperino and Revel Stark were his sponsors


Jules Taggart

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Marketing-Digital, Additional Active

Jules is the Founder of Wayward Kind, a digital marketing agency with a focus on human connection.

She moved to San Diego from Kansas City ten years ago.  She and her husband, Jeff, have two daughters, 5 year-old Olympia and 3 year-old Helena.

Her team at Wayward Kind refer to her as their Chief Reading Officer (CRO) because she reads 100 to 150 books a year.  She recently read a book “Why We Gather” that inspired her with these main points of what make the best gatherings: 1. they happen weekly, 2. they offer opportunities for deep, authentic communication and connections, 3. they offer opportunities for service.  So it is no surprise that after Jules met President David to learn more our Rotary her immediate response was, “Sign me up!”

David Oates, Frank Caperino and Mia Harenski were  her sponsors


Nicole DeBerg

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Social Service & Welfare-Ronald McDonald House

Nicole is the CFO for the Ronald McDonald House Charities San Diego.

She was born in Germany.  English is her third language after German and Latin.  She also studied French, Spanish, Italian and Russian.  She is a graduate of SDSU.

Nicole currently serves on the Board of Reality Changers and the Mona Foundation and also serves on the finance committee for Community Housing Works and Home Start.

She has three children: Jimmy, who is a lead singer in a rock band and is on his fourth Europe tour; Nicolette who is an upcoming diamond trader; Nastasha who wants to be a biologist.

Nicole loves to play polo, has 3 horses and rides five times a week.  She hopes to be able to start a polo committee in the club!

Judy Thompson, Jeremiah Doran and Barbara Noerenberg were  her sponsors


Fatema Jass

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Insurance-Private Client Services 

Fatema is a Producer and Sales Consultant for Crystal, Alliant Private Client.

She was born in Saudi Arabia.  Her family moved to the US when she was 3 years old.  They initially landed in Miami and while at the airport, her father asked a complete stranger where his family should live.  The reply was, “San Diego!” And within six months, Fatema and her family were here.  (True story!)

Fatema attended school in Carmel Valley and graduated from SDSU.  She has been working in the insurance industry for the last 10 years.  She recently got married in Switzerland.  A fun fact: the first time she ever played golf, she scored a hole-in-one. (Another true story!)

 Stan Hartman, Chuck Pretto and David Oates were  her sponsors


Rachel Luis y Prado

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Manufacturing Services, Additional Active

Rachel is the Chief Operations Officer for Workshops for Warriors, a nonprofit school founded in 2008 to provide quality training and accredited STEM educational programs for veterans, transitioning service members, and other students to be successful in their chosen manufacturing career field.

Rachel grew up in Naples, Florida. She attended the University of Central Florida then obtained her Masters in International and Intercultural Communication at the University of Denver. After deciding that she didn’t want to be a ski instructor, she flipped a coin and headed to Washington D.C. For 15 years, she did research and development for the Graduate Management Admission Council.

She met her husband, Club 33 member Hernan Luis y Prado, “at a gas station a few hundred miles from D.C.” He asked her on a date, they eloped a year and a half later and now have two beautiful daughters and two awesome pets. Rachel joined Hernan at Workshop for Warriors, its founder and CEO.

Dick Eger, Mia Harenski and David Oates were her sponsors


Sabrina Lopez

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Media-Sales & Marketing

Sabrina is originally from Argentina. Her dream of coming to the US was fulfilled when she was able to participate in an exchange program during her freshman year in high school.  She stayed with a family in Indiana who invited her back to finish her senior year with them. She then attended St. Joseph’s college to obtain her degree in Biology and Pre-Med before returning to Argentina.

Determined to return to the US, Sabrina packed up her $200 on her 27th birthday and returned to her “hometown’ of Indiana.  A series of moves and career changes with NBC Universal/Telemundo would ultimately land her here in San Diego where she served as the company’s Vice President of Sales.

Sabrina is looking forward to her next life adventure with her husband Robert and her 9-year old daughter, Mia.

Tina Jenkins, Anthony Llompart and Chris Sichel were  her sponsors


Andrea Goicoechea

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Consultant-Life Care Planning

Andrea is a life care planner and nurse practitioner.

She works for expert witnesses providing research and writing life-care plans for clients seriously ill or critically injured in life-altering accidents.  The data she collects will decide what will be needed for life-long care and is used by attorneys, case managers, insurance carriers and families.

Andrea and her husband Frank (a physician) raised 4 boys and have 2 (almost 3) grandchildren.  She volunteers with the Armed Services YMCA’s surf clinic and also volunteers to do physical exams at the JFS Migrant Family Shelter.

She is a happy supporter of the Natural History Museum, she loves plants and is currently trying to perfect her sourdough recipe.

Penny Robbins,  Phil Blair and Mel Katz were her sponsors


Kat Chang

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Genomics Sequencing

Kat is the Alliances & Partnerships Manager for Illumina.

She grew up on the island of Kauai, and received a scholarship from a local Rotary club that helped fund her college education.

She completed her undergraduate at the University of Hawaiʻi Mānoa, her Masters in Engineering at Cornell and her Ph.D. in Biology at Salk/UCSD.

Kat is passionate about STEM education and supporting underserved communities. She enjoys Polynesian dancing, loves to surf and is an avid traveler.

Divya Kakaiya, Duke Sobek and Doug Arbon were  her sponsors


Julie Marner

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Social Service and Welfare-Burundi Friends Intl

Julie is the Executive Director of Burundi Friends International, a local nonprofit working to empower Burundian youth, women and families towards building sustainable communities through education and economic development.  Burundi is a land-locked country located in east, central Africa. (Last year, our Rotary International Foundation Grants Committee allocated $3,000 of their funds for a new library in Burundi.)

Julie is originally from Iowa.  For twenty years, she has worked throughout San Diego as a music director at various churches. Besides spreading the joy of music, she is also passionate about reaching underserved individuals and communities.

For several years, Julie visited the RJ Donovan Correctional Facility to practice Buddhist meditation with inmates.  In 2010-11, she traveled to the Himalayas and taught English to Buddhist nuns, then volunteered for four months teaching English at Light University in Bujumbura.  Over time, she returned regularly to Burundi which eventually led to her position at Burundi Friends International.

Mike Meaney, Roger Haines and Walter Lam were her sponsors.