Ben Alev

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Real Estate-Investment

Ben Alev is a real estate investor and manager for 58-Twelve, LLC.  His specialty has been working in distressed assets and low income housing, where programs are implemented to encourage compassion and community involvement.  In his extensive real estate career, Ben has bought and sold properties in over 38 states.

Originally from Chicago, he moved to Arizona where he met his wife, Rebecca, and where they raised their family.  Ben coached his children’s youth sports teams for 20 years and was a founder of youth soccer and baseball programs. When his daughter married and settled here in San Diego, it also became his and Rebecca’s new home, too.

Ben is an avid sports fan and an active outdoorsmen whose hobbies include scuba, skiing, fly fishing, hunting, horseback riding, gold and spending time with his family.

Though he didn’t finish college himself, he comes from an educated family and all of his children have degrees.  Ben proudly says that he learned at a young age that “if you know a lot about something that is a little bit important, you can be successful.” He also said “when you learn the principles of business and understand the momentum in giving your word and putting others first, it comes back to you in a very large way. Therefore, this leads me to being grateful for the opportunity to serve with you in Rotary and create that momentum in life that is so important.”