Ken Barnes

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Social Service & Welfare – Options For All

Ken Barnes is the President & CEO for Options For All, a 35-year-old firm that provides services to adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Ken is native Californian, being born in San Francisco and raised in Sacramento.  (If you see him wearing a lot of purple, it is because “the Sacramento Kings are the best team God ever invented!”)

He attended college between New York (Columbia University) and China (Beijing Language and Culture University).  He moved to San Diego 1 year ago, and before going “all in” at Options For All in Feb. 2020, it was a passion volunteer project for him because his twin brother had suffered from cerebral palsy. He was named their 2018 Volunteer of the Year.

Ken and his wife, Angela, travel a lot for food…using the Michelin Guide, World’s 50 Best List and Netflix’s Chef’s Table series to build their vacations.

Trevor Blair, Phil Blair and Mel Katz were his sponsors.