Mike Stoliker

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Mike Stoliker is an Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton, serving as a lead financial and management consultant for a Navy Acquisition Category.  He also serves as an officer in the Army Reserve, currently serving as an Airborne Civil Affairs Team Leader with 18 parachute jumps (and counting!)

Mike is a Southern California native from Oxnard.  He settled in San Diego 2 1/2 years ago after living all over the state, and to a lesser extent, the country, for educational and professional purposes.  He received a BA in Political Science from Cal State Northridge and an MBA from Vanderbilt.

He and his wife, Rosy, have been married for 3 years.  In their free time, they hang out with their bandog (an American Bulldog/French Mastiff breed), Mike rides his motorcycle, does general housework, and can be found doing something musical.

Nick Bernal, Jonathan Cole and Duke Sobek were his sponsors.