Lenny Leszczynski

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Leonard “Lenny” Leszczynski is the CEO of the San Diego Automotive Museum.

Lenny was born and raised in San Diego;  he was born in Poway, grew up in La Jolla, spent his twenties in Point Loma and Pacific Beach, and started his family in East County.  He has worked in the non-profit sector his entire life because he believes that service to others is essential to helping create a better community.  He has worked for the YMCA for 20 years, and was with Promises2Kids for 5 years before joining the Automotive Museum.

He graduated from Cal State Northridge, received his masters from Western Governors University and is currently enrolled in Harvard’s extension school for Museum Studies.

When he is not working, you can find him coaching his daughters’ at softball.  He and his wife, Falon, have four daughters.  You can also find them at the carousel at Balboa Park trying to get the golden ring for another ride!

Lenny also loves to teach youth about football and loves working on committees that get kids to go to camp.  He believes camp is a great alternative learning environment.

A fun fact about Lenny: while living in L.A., he worked at the Staples Center, Dodgers Stadium, Arrowhead Pond and Anaheim Stadium.  He has been to 3 NBA championships, 2 World Series, 1 Stanley Club Series and 1 PGA event.  All that is left is for him to attend is a Super Bowl!

Michael Brunker, Sidd Vivek and David Oates were his sponsors.