Valerie Attisha

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Consultant-Non-profit Development, Additional Active

Valerie Attisha owns her own philanthropic consultant business.

She is Chaldean and her first language is Aramaic, which is the language she still speaks to her parents with.  Her family immigrated to the US in the 1970s and first settled in Detroit.  Eventually, they moved and were one of the very first Chaldeans to call San Diego home, which now number in the thousands.

Valerie grew up in the East County, graduated from USD and received her graduate degree from Sacramento State University.  Her original plan was to have a career in government, but the non-profit sector called!  She was in development for over 20 years and just over a year ago, established her own firm.

She says that service is really at the core of her being and it has always been important to her to make a meaningful impact and give back to her community.  She was previously a Rotarian of the El Cajon Rotary Club for 6 years.  She loves to travel, play tennis, cook for family and friends and attend concerts and the theatre.

Wendy Urushima-Conn, Joe Horiye and Trevor Blair were her sponsor.