Real Estate Sales-Residential, Additional Active

Robert “Bob” Flynn is a realtor (HomeSmart Realty West), lawyer, and ADR Neutral (Mediator & Arbitrator). When asked what he does, he replies “I am a lawyer who sells houses.”

He is originally from Boston where he practiced law for over 40 years.  He and his wife, Mary, raised 5 children in the town he grew up in (so change didn’t come easy).  They’d still be in Boston, except they were invited to follow 2 of their sons out here to San Diego to go into the real estate business with them.  He hasn’t looked back since and loves San Diego!

Why Rotary?  Bob says that his high school in Boston, Boston College and Boston College Law School inculcated his desire to do things for other people so he would love to give back to the San Diego community.

David Oates, Amy Myers and Jules Taggart were his sponsors.