Melissa Peterman

Museum-Comic-Con, Additional Active

Melissa Peterman is the Vice President of the Comic-Con Museum located in Balboa Park.

She is a proud native San Diegan and has spent most of her personal and professional life working to make San Diego an amazing place to live, while also focusing on equity work.

Melissa studied Political Science at SDSU, then went on to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for her graduate studies in theories of social justice and the intersections of pop culture and the social movement. She originally wanted to be an academic and started her Ph.D. program, but then realized she wanted to have a more direct and immediate impact.  So she made the decision to move back to San Diego where she spent 10 years working in affordable housing and homelessness with Father Joe’s Villages and the San Diego Housing Commission, before eventually joining the Comic-Con Museum.  Melissa says working at the museum is a perfect cumulation of everything she is passionate about…San Diego, DEI and the impact of popular art and culture.

Melissa loves to travel and be with friends and family, but her real hobby is planning and organizing anything and everything. So she says she is ready to put those skills to work with Rotary!

Ingrid de Llamas, Wendy Urushima-Conn and Katie Sawyer were her sponsors.