Nickolas Wohlman

Software – Sales

Nickolas Wohlman is an Associate District Manager in Sales & Consulting for ADP. He was recently awarded the company’s Rookie of the Year Award.

Nick grew up in North Dakota, where both of his parents were also Rotarians. He says he has fond memories of going to community service events with his parents and a lot of family friends also from Rotary. When he became a freshman in high school, he instantly joined Interact. Nick moved to California when he was 16 and found out that his new high school didn’t have an Interact Club, so he started one with the help of the local club his mom had just joined. He was Interact president for 2.5 years and grew the club to over 40 members! He also attended RYLA and was a member of the SDSU Rotaract Club for all 5 years.

Nick graduated from SDSU with a BS in Business Marketing. He is also currently the youngest member of San Diego Rotary at the age of 24.

David Oates, Michael Gordan and Jordan Maharaj were his sponsors.