Rudy Michelon

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Consultant-Information Technology


Rudy Michelon is the CEO for Skyriver IT, where he has been a partner since 2017. Skyriver is an outsourced information technology company. Rudy’s background in accounting and financial management helps his company’s clientele understand the financial implications of technology and managing risks. Their unique business-centric, rather than technology-centric, approach is aligned with their mission to ensure their clients stay focused on their businesses while knowing their environment is reliable and secure.

Rudy’s father came from Italy and his mother was born in Peru, making him the first person in his family to be born in the United States. As a child he lived in Los Angeles, then later Peru and Argentina, before coming back to the US to attend USC. He studied abroad in France, at the La Sorbonne University, where he learned fluent French after getting his degree in accounting. After starting his career he moved back to Argentina, he later worked for a company in India, and, several Fortune 500 companies from Michigan to San Francisco, before settling here in San Diego.

He has four grown children of his own, and his life partner has three. He recently moved to East Village and is excited to meet new people through Rotary. Some of the community service organizations he is currently involved in include the Knights of Columbus and United Way.


Rudy thanks his sponsors Judy Thompson, David Oates, and Nicole Deberg.