Ray Aguilar

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Landscaping Services

Ray Aguilar is the Vice President of Aztec Landscaping Inc. Ray’s parents started Aztec Landscaping and have kept it family owned since 1970 with Ray, his brothers and cousins currently at the helm.

Ray is a former member of the La Mesa and Lemon Grove Rotaries. He joined a San Diego Rotary meeting this past year and was impressed by the energy of our Club, then applied to switch. As a Lemon Grove Rotarian, Ray helped execute a clean water project for an underserved area in Mexico, bringing clean water to an orphanage, as well as a community, in need. He realized then that the beliefs he was raised understanding—to give to those who have less, and to do what you can for those who need help—aligned with Rotary’s mission and vision.

The Cesar Chavez Readers and Storefront Committees are of interest to him as he likes to be present while being impactful. He has four children if you count Peggy, the family dog (don’t worry Ray, we do), and he hopes to married in the near future.

Ray’s Club 33 sponsors are Bob Russell and Craig Evanco.