Eli Ohayon

Real Estate Development – Acquisition

Eli was born in Spain, has Portuguese citizenship and speaks French. He worked as a Staff Attending Pediatric Anesthesiologist at Children’s Hospital in Oakland, CA, as an Attending Physician and Pediatric Consultant here in San Diego, and as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Anesthesiology and Pain Management.  Having retired from this career of practicing pediatric anesthesia, Eli is now developing a real estate portfolio and management corporation, MANAKA LLC.

Although he loved the practice of medicine, he left that career at a young age to get away from the bureaucracy that often comes with it. One of the things he loved most in his medical practice was going on medical missions. There was something energizing in working in a foreign country without the use of our everyday resources, while also having the money aspect of the work taken out of it.  One of these missions he embarked on was sponsored by the Rotary. He knew from then on he would be involved with Rotarians in some way.

Eli thanks his sponsors, Nikki Clay and Ben Clay