Theotis Daniels


Theotis (Theo) is the Business Banking Sales Manager for Home Bank of California, a family-owned community bank providing comprehensive financial solutions that match business owners’ needs.

Born and raised in Salinas, CA, an area known for John Steinbeck novels such as East of Eden, Theo later moved to Sacramento to attend college. While earning his degree in communications at Sacramento State, he also competed on the men’s division one track and field team as a pole vaulter. He moved to San Diego after a few years up north to avoid the hot and cold temperature extremes.

He and his girlfriend enjoy the many outdoor activities San Diego has to offer including golf, hiking, taking their dogs to the beach and pickleball. His volunteer efforts with Junior Achievement, San Diego Food Bank and Neighborhood Housing Association have been meaningful to him. Joining San Diego Rotary will allow him to expand the time and quality of his volunteer undertakings. Coming from Salinas, Theo experienced first hand the power of public service as that area lacks a lot of funding and opportunities that other areas are privy to. He appreciates the teachers and parents who put extra time and effort into that community while he was growing up, and he is ready to get more involved in paying back those endeavors.

Theo thanks his sponsors Roger Haines, Duke Sobek and Wendy Urushima-Conn.