Laura Mitchell

Museum-Women’s Museum of California


Laura Mitchell, Executive Director of the Women’s Museum of California, has over thirty years of experience in academic, educational and cultural institutions. Before serving in her current role, Laura was the Executive Director of the Visions Museum of Textile Art, Director of Advancement for the Hong Kong Academy, as a consultant for Plan. Fund. Create. in Hong Kong and Washington DC, as President of the Luther Institute as well as a Historian and Project Coordinator at the National Museum of American History for the Smithsonian.

Whether living in DC, Hong Kong or San Diego, Laura has always been an active member of clubs and organizations that make community service their focal point. She has served on the board for the San Diego Museum Council, the Vesper Society, and Adventures in Preservation. She has also volunteered for, or been a member of, the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education and the East Asia Regional Council of Schools.

Laura was born in Los Angeles, CA, and graduated from Pomona College with a BA in economics before earning her PhD. in American history from Yale. She loves music, art and classic film as well as green tea. She has two daughters and two dogs.


Laura thanks her sponsors Andrea da Rosa, Ray Simas and Corey Polant.